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HSL Hall of Fame

Created in 2013, the Hotlanta Softball League Hall of Fame recognizes those players who had made significant contributions to the Hotlanta Softball League.  If you would like to nominate someone for the HSL Hall of Fame, fill out a nomination form.

In order to be come a member of the HSL Hall of Fame, 10 years of membership in NAGAAA or HSL is required.  A nominee is voted on by existing Hall of Fame members and Executive Committee Members.

HSL appreciates the efforts of these Hall of Fame members in making our league one the largest leagues in the country!

Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductees

Lon Berger Theresa Bredwell Gary Carter
Nina Cole Nina Cole David Francis
Jeanette Fulcher Rhonda Graham Gretchen Gruber
Wayne "Gator" Guethlein Will Hartmann Mark Hughes
Jim Marks Lynne Mobley Mike Price
Bob Schwartz Greg Troia

2013 Inductees

Dan Cleveland Gregg "Debbie" Daugherty Randy Dobbs
Mark Messer Jeffrey Rogerson Emerson Ross
Angela "Butter Bean" Smith

2014 Inductees

Howard Blanton

Ray Collins

Pastor Paul Turner

Wayne Vassey

Armando "Mandy" Villena


2015 Inductees

Jolly Bruce

Al Dattolo

Al Monkus

2016 Inductees

Stuart Blencoe

Wayne Brown

Ken DeLeon

Ray Macon

Dean Usher

2017 Inductees

Richy Howard

Gregory Hughes

Randy Hurst

Kyle Miller

Posthumous Inductees

Del Edwards Dennis Fortenberry Steve Williams