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    Welcome To The 2018 Hotlanta Softball League!


    Are you a new or returning player and looking for a team?  We still have teams that are looking for players.

    Please send us an email at we will find a team for you!


    In Memorium - Sean Lanoue

    It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform everyone that Sean Lanoue passed away yesterday. Sean was a member of several teams including the Titans, Wackers and the Muddpups. Please keep Sean, his husband John Douglass, Jamie Williams and Sean's family in your thoughts.

    Mr. HSL is right around the corner!  The SEC committee has a couple of updates and several reminders for you guys.


    UPDATE #1:  Each competing team needs to bring an extra jersey/team t-shirt to the Contestant Meeting on Tuesday, April 17th, PLEASE.  These WILL be returned to you, but please bring an extra and not something you are going to need at 8am the next Sunday.  Size does not matter.


    UPDATE #2:  The day of the competition, contestants will be allowed in at 11:00.  Contestants are allowed to have 1 assistant with them backstage who can also come at 11:00.  Any other backup performers need to be dressed and ready prior to arriving at LIPS.




    1.  Contestant Bios MUST be turned in by Friday, April 13th, in order to be registered as a contestant.  Song choice is needed then as well, but the actual music is to be turned in the following week.


    2.  Song selections must be turned in on a flash drive (mandatory format) at the Contestant Meeting on Tuesday, April 17th.  This meeting is required for all competing teams, and it will be at 7:30pm at LIPS.


    3.  Mandatory contestant meeting will include brief walk through of the space, explanation of rules and scoring, and a drawing for contestant order.  All competing team contestants (or a designee) must be present.  


    4.  Reminders for Song Selection:

              -  Song selections are first come/first served & may not be duplicated

              -  Songs/Mixes may not exceed 4 minutes

              -  Songs relating to the theme are highly encouraged


    5.  Team participation is limited to the contestant and a maximum of 2 backup performers this year due to stage space.  


    6.  To qualify for GSWS funds, teams must have a participating contestant who is registered and rostered on the respective team. You must have 50% of the team's rostered players signed in by 3:00 pm.


    In Memorium - Jeffrey Rogerson

    It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform everyone of the passing of Jeffrey Rogerson. Jeffrey is an HSL Hall of Fame member and was most recently a member of the Crew. Please keep Jeffrey, his family and life long partner Dan in your thoughts.

    2017 Kelvin Bailey Award Recipient

    Charlie Marble

    2017 Clint Price Award Recipient

    Majid Sriaj

    Hotlanta Softball Wins the 2017 Georgia Voice Best Sports Organization in Atlanta

    HSL 2017 GSWS Teams

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