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    2019 HSL Atlanta - Enhancing The Player Experience!

    Congratulations Bleu Holden Assistant Commissioner & Daniel Torres Business Dev Coordinator

    Sunday June 2 Extra Innings

    2019 Executive Board Elections Run off 6/2

    The Spring 2019 Executive Board Run Off Elections will be held on Sunday June 2nd from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Johnson Park. The following Members will be on the ballot.



    Jeff Ledford

    Brennan Wheatley 



    Corbin Ray

    JD Westbrook



    Elected Executive Board Members

    Bleu Holden

    Assistant Commissioner Winner

    Daniel Torres

    Business Dev Coordinator Winner

    Candidate Profiles

    Secretary Candidates

    Jeff Ledford

    Jeffery Ledford 


    I have been in the league for 5 years.


    I am organized, efficient, and dependable when it comes to the duties outlined by HSL.

    I operate with integrity, transparency and passion for our community of athletes.

    Daily, I collaborate with a team to respectfully tackle the tough issues, looking for the best possible outcome. 


    Anyone who has been in a meeting with me knows I’m an incredible note-taker and communicator. I currently serve our community on the Big Peach Committee, SEC and JRC. I am an advisor on the SSL board. As an educator, this is what I do on a daily basis. I have been a part of and run student organizations. My years of experience mean I know how to do this. I have a very positive disposition. My main goal is to see this community grow and progress into an even more amazing entity; A hundred words minus one smiling. 

    Brennan Wheatley

    ·         I have been a member of HSL for 2 years

    ·         3 qualities

    a.       Dedicated

    b.      Ability to look at situations from a non-biased viewpoint

    c.       Ability to maintain composure in uncomfortable situations


    I have worked in the customer service/technology field for many years. Having worked with many companies across the country as a third party vendor, I have maximized my abilities to look at situations on a non-partisan level while helping to resolve issues that arise and also negate potential issues.   I believe in this time of needed transparency and accountability these skills will help to contribute to HSL as we move forward into the future.

    Social and Events Coordinator Candidates

    Corbin Ray

    Candidate Name: Corbin Ray

    Candidate Team: Moose Knuckles


    Q1 How many years have you been an HSL Member?

    2 Years


    Q2 Provide 3 bullet points of qualities you would bring to the Executive Board.

    Event Coordination

    Communication Skills

    Problem Solving

    As the marketing and events coordinator for a major mortgage division, planning events and coordinating communication is part of what I do for a living - that's why I've enjoyed assisting the HSL SEC for the past two years. I bring a strong work ethic and management experience to continue and grow the social events portion of this amazing league. I've got a background in public relations (promoting is definitely a strength) and keep things unbiased. I never ask anyone to do something I have not done or would not do myself. 

    JD Westbrook

    JD Westbrook
    Atlanta Knights

    3 years


    After joining HSL in the spring of 2017, I quickly became involved in activities on and off the field. I have been actively involved in the planning and execution of Mr. and Miss HSL events, and have managed the Atlanta Knights and the Moose Knuckles, including planning for the team events and beer busts. Additionally, I have been on the Big Peach Tournament planning committee. If elected, I will work to incorporate ideas from all of the teams in the league. There are many opportunities to continue the player experience while also building on the success of our past events. 

    Our Corporate Sponsors


    2018 Clint Price Award

    JP Peters - Thunder

    2018 Clint Price Award

    "JP" Peters

    This distinguished award will be given out at our end of season party in memory of former HSL player Clint Price who passed away in 2009.  This award is given to the HSL player who has shown the most improvement while maintaining good sportsmanship and class. 

    2018 Kelvin Bailey Award

    Kyle Erickson - Wild

    2018 Kelvin Bailey Award

    Kyle Erickson

    This award recognizes a member of the Hotlanta Softball League who promotes Spirit through Pride, Unity and Confidence.

    Simply put the Spirit of HSL Award lies with that one person that when you think of HSL you think of this person.  This is the person you see living the HSL spirit.  The one who is always there to compete but more importantly to have fun!!    You see this person on the fields, at the social events, participating in everyone’s fundraisers.  This person lives the true spirit of HSL


    Brian Connor 2018

    Brian Hogan 2018

    Danial Middleton Remeika

    Primetime Elite A

    Heat A - Phot not submitted


    Reign C

    Titans C

    Wet Demons


    Reign D



    Masters Division

    Grey Wolves - photo not submitted

    ASANA World Series Teams

    2018 Fall Ball Information

    Kroger Community Rewards

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