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    SCHEDULE FOR D & C Divisions at Johnson Park Conyers

    D and C Schedule

    SCHEDULE FOR A / B Divisions at Blackburn Park Brookhaven

    A/B Schedule

    30th Anniversary Big Peach Softball Tournament Memorial Day Weekend

    It's a Throwback to 85! 30 years of Softball Tournaments in Atlanta. Way back long ago there was an Armory Classic Tournament which grew into today's Big Peach Softball Weekend. Atlanta has been a gracious host of these tournaments and this year brings a special weekend of fun events and softball with 2 locations of play and over 60 teams! The fun kicks off Thursday May 21st at Frogs Midtown with our Bag Stuffing Beer Bust Patio Party.  Get your teams ready to come out and help kick off the weekend! See you at Frogs 6 pm.

    Look for more exciting announcements coming soon!

    Thursday Night Bag Stuffing May 21 Team Support Needed

    Calling all HSL Teams, the Big Peach Committee would like to request that each team designate at least 2 volunteers to stuff bags on Thursday night at Frogs. The event begins at 6 p.m. and we get bag stuffing underway at 7 p.m.  We will be stuffing over 900 bags and have 2 crews in an assembly line process to stuff.  We estimate we will need at least 65 people to stuff bags.  We need all D, C B and A division coaches to send us at least 2 of your players.  We appreciate your help! 

    A Letter from Commissioner Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller (Hotlanta Softball League) sent you a message.

    Hotlanta Softball League,

    Today, Metro Sports Complex, has informed us that as of Friday May 8th it will be shutting its doors.  Ricky, our Assistant Commissioner, and I met with the managers of the complex and they have informed us that due to a death of one of the trustees that owned the land, the other trustees have made a decision to sell the 100+ acres of land for close to $500,000.  Metro Sports Complex had agreements all the way out to October on the property for tournament and such, and all have been cancelled indefinitely. 

    Trust me, as it comes as a shock to you, we are all still very much in shock.  That being said, myself, Ricky and the entire board will begin immediately looking and searching out other venues to complete both our league and the Big Peach Tournament. 

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you.  Thank you in advance for being patient with us, for your cooperation, and your commitment to our great league.  We know that this is definitely a challenge for us but I assure you, we will come up with a solution for you.  That solution, may not be the best, or may force you to drive a little more to complete the season, and so I want to take this opportunity now to thank you in advance for your understanding in helping us finish out our season and for working with us as we get through this hurdle.

    In accordance of HSL Constitution Article VII, your Executive Board will have an emergency meeting Tuesday night to discuss our options and figure out what is best going forward for our members.  More questions will soon be answered but if you have any in the meantime, please reach out to one of your board members.

    Since 1981, our league has faced challenges, hurdles, and roadblocks.  When I look for direction, I turn to our history, and where our league has come since its inception.  Our HSL Constitution even states it when it refers to our league being built on family, community, and positive attitudes.  I’m confident with the leadership team we have, that we will overcome this obstacle.

    Thank you again in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

    Kyle Miller

    HSL Commissioner

    Words from Our Assistant Commissioner Ricky Howell

    We will miss you Metro, but HSL will go on!

    As most of the HSL members have heard by now, we will no longer be playing at Metro. As Kyle and I took in the news in shock, we also realized that this league will continue and become stronger.

    As I looked out over the fields for what I realized what would probably be the last time, I knew I would miss Metro Softball Complex and the memories I had from there:

    * Fulton Industrial Blvd, with it's strip clubs and unnecessary traffic lights from hell and the Purple Ladies taking their early morning jogs

    * Stopping at the QT to load up on ice and seeing the other HSL members doing the same.

    * The tireless workers from the strange guy taking money for parking to Larry the Field Guy who worked tirelessly for 20 years making those fields as playable as possible.

    * The sideways glances at the posted rules stating no outside alcohol as we carted a full Bloody Mary bar into the park.

    * The pauses during the games as we waited for the dust devils to crest out.

    * Spending countless Sundays with the best people I could hope to know playing a game that I love to play

    Metro fields were crap, but they were our crap. Some of my fondest memories come from that dust bowl. I may be one of the few, but I will miss Metro.

    Now we will find a new home and make some new, great memories!!!


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